skipping meals

Today was typical of an office environment;  a co-worker came back from three weeks in Canada and we were all ecstatic to see her.  In Israel, ecstatic= food.  She brough back a ton of maple candy and cookies, and everyone sat around to hear about the family wedding that she’d just a ttented and to eat.  I had already eaten lunch and *was not* hungry, so I told myself to drink my water, concentrate on the conversation, and just stay away.  After sitting there for an hour, I literally couldn’t take it anymore. I had no self-control.  I have a few pieces of maple candy and a bunch of cookies– something to the tune of 6.  If i had just had one or two, I wouldn’t be dwelling– but I completely binged.  I want to understand why, and I need to come up with ways of avoiding this!  If the only way for me to avoid eating crap that my body doesn’t want OR need is to stay locked in my apartment, that doesn’t really help me much.

Rest of the day was fine, though none of the food was terribly exciting:


  • Quick Oats with Sweet-N-Low, two tbsp of peanut butter, and a splash of skim milk.
  • Decaf coffee with skim


  • Tuna with light mayo and tomato– on a roll– but it was white bread and kind of big.  It was what we had around the office and I didn’t want to go buy a whole wheat one– but I should have.

After Lunch Binge:

  • See above


  • Burrito with rice, an egg, sweet garlic sauce, and onion.  It was  just me throwing together snacks, but it was really tasty.  I had to force myself to eat dinner because I was tempted to skip a meal since I’d binged on cookies… I guess that it’s good that I didn’t.
  1. I’m really at a loss when it comes to understanding WHY I binged.  I couldn’t resist the temptation, it was a social situation?  Really don’t know.
  2. I am really sick of housesitting and want to go home to the collection of healthy food that I’ve built up over the past month.  I just brough some *scraps* here and my meals are getting dull, which is not encouraging me to do things like avoid binges.  Less than a week left, though.
  3. Didn’t drink enough water today!  Gotta fix that.
  4. Chocolate and coffee are still out of the picture!
  5. Adding a bit of peanut butter for a protein burst seems to be good.  It really helped with breakfast.  I need to find a lower-calorie peanut butter, though (that tastes good).  Probably difficult to find in Israel, which is annoying!

Really hoping to make today a much, much better day.  We’ll see.

Hope everyone has a good one–!


Let’s start with today’s food.


  • Bowl of Cheerios with skim milk
  • decaf coffee


  • Went out for Indian with a co-worker and got a complete meal that included 1 serving of na’an (Indian bread– AMAZING), corn soup (also very tasty), and chicken manchuri– spicy and fantastic.

Early Evening Snack:

  • Light Choco Soy Milk (see previous posts)
  • Small cup of tomato soup


  • Impulsively decided to skip dinner because I’d had a big lunch and eaten out 😦  Had a warm cup of milk with a teaspoon of honey.
  1. I’m really happy that I’ve been eating breakfast, but I need to stop eating a boring bowl of cereal.  It doesn’t really do much for me in the morning.  I’ve been noticing that other foodies are eating lots of fruits and such in the morning, and I need to do that.  Again, my dull eating habits this week are really because I’m not at home with all of my delicious foods.  I’m having  a friend cover for me this weekend while I’m housesitting so that I can go home and come back with more vibrant foods.  I have a whole bunch of recipes that I need to try this week.  Yummy photos– and breakfasts!– to come.
  2. Skipping a meal was dumb. Lunch was big, but it wasn’t the end of the world.  It wasn’t terribly unhealthy and I *indulged* (Thanks, Lee, for helping me reconsider that word)– so what?  Now it’s past 10pm and I deprived myself of dinner.  When will I be able to stop *punishing* myself?
  3. Today was just dull and disappointing food wise.  I need to reinvigorate my motivation to nourish my body, cook some healthy masterpieces, and to stop *depriving* myself when I’ve eaten out.

Tomorrow will be a better day.