I’m Tal, I’m a friend of Layla’s, and I’m also hoping that the blogosphere will help me accomplish my goals– it seems like the rest of you dieters and foodies really help each other and benefit from networking, so we’re here to join you!

I’m sick of dieting. Very sick of dieting. So, I’m not calling this a diet, per se. I want to, as they say, ‘learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle.’ My indulgences include alcohol, frequent and huge Italian meals, and too much chocolate. Funny thing is, that when I make the effort to plan my meals and to cook healthy food, I enjoy it and don’t feel like I’m lacking.

One of my major issues is my roommate, who we will refer to from now on as roommate (creative, yes), drinks and eats *huge*, unhealthy meals twice a day. She’s always trying to get me to join in, and it’s an uphill battle trying to say no and live a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully I’ll be able to explore some ways to deal with that. The other issue that I’m dealing with is plain boredom. I need to learn how to cook healthy meals rather than trying to live on yogurt and plain, grilled vegetables.

Okay, moving along– This Week’s Goals:

1. Keep a food diary and post it (accountability, people)

2. Cook one meal per day (no on-the-go, which seems to be the figurative death of me)

3. Run 4x a week (I’m training for a 10k as a part of this healthy business)

Since I’ ve been trying to eat less calories, fats, and sugar, I’ve been experimenting with different concoctions in our kitchen.

Yesterday, I went for a run and came back hungry, even though I’d eaten lunch 2 hours before. I don’t want to deprive myself after exercise, so I made a post-running snack that was as satisfying as a meal:

fat-free yogurt, 2/3 cup cornflakes, and a couple of spoonfuls of light, sugar-free strawberry jam

I used a medium sized container of fat-free yogurt, combined it with 2/3 cup of cornflakes and 3 spoonfuls of light, sugar-free strawberry jam. The whole thing was virtually fat-free, very low in calories– and really filling. I also had a huge glass of water, as I’m trying to do that 8 times a day. Not easy for me.

For dinner, I didn’t have much in the apartment to work with, so I made a super+simple healthy pasta dish (unfortunately, forgot to take a picture):

Avocado and Eggplant Pasta

1 large avocado, or 2 small

1 cup of bowtie pasta

3 large spoonfuls of tomato paste

1 small eggplant

1-4 cup of olive oil

2 garlic cloves, diced into small pieces

oregano to taste

1. Cook pasta as usual- btw, I never use salt when boiling pasta- does anyone else skip the salt?

2. While waiting for pasta to cook, put half of the olive oil in a medium sized frying pan and add the eggplant to medium heat. Stir on and off for a few minutes before adding the garlic. Stir until the garlic is cooked (not brown) and eggplant is browning (but not burnt!).

3. Turn heat down to low, add tomato paste and avocado to the frying pan.

4. Add oregano, stir for 1-2 minutes.

5. Add the rest of the olive oil to the drained pasta, stir, and mix in the sauce with the veggies.

The final product is a really tasty pasta dish with a very light sauce! The key here in terms of flavor is the oregano– don’t skimp!

Back soon, hopefully with some good healthy lifestyle news!