Today was a good day in terms of staying healthy. I’m not at home right now, I’m house sitting at an apartment without all of my regular food and kitchen supplies, and so I’ve been kind of unmotivated to cook. Last week was full of new recipes and exciting healthy adventures– this week has been dull. In any case, I’m happy that I didn’t engage in any stress eating or emotional eating today and I’m getting ready for bed feeling like I can stick to all of this and accomplish my goals..

Today’s food:


  • oatmeal (real, not instant!) with skim milk
  • decaf coffee (we’re approaching 3 weeks of being coffee free!!!)


  • whole wheat pita, 2 pieces of light cheese with tomato
  • small mug of tomato soup


  • Light soy chocolate milk (box– see photo from previous entry– very good, and it’s not real chocolate– still chocolate free!!!)

Dinner (didn’t feel like cooking, so we prepared kind of a free for all):

  • couscous-type-stuff with some tomato paste, oregano, and garlic
  • whole wheat pita w 1/4 can of tuna and parsley and tomato
  • small green salad with light vinegarette
  • an egg (protein, finally)


  • decaf coffee
  1. Again, really happy that I ate reasonably today, when I was hungry– *not* just because I was stressed. Also celebrating giving up coffee and chocolate. More on that later…
  2. I focused a lot on water today. I had a little more than 1.5 liters and I really feel the difference. I’m usually dehydrated on some level. The water also helped curb the desire to snack when I was kind of bored. I’m going to try and keep up with drinking this much water daily.
  3. I’ll be house sitting for another 8 days, and so I really need to force myself to continue to cook and try new things even though I’m in a different place and feel less comfortable. Making the same, easy stuff all of the time makes being healthy less exciting than it was a week ago. I don’t want boredom to be my downfall…

Like I said in previous posts, I gave up coffee for health reasons. I am *really* affected by caffeine– my heart races and my sleep schedule was totally off. Now my sleep schedule is completely normal and my body feels better, healthier. This was one of the best and healthiest decisions that I’ve made in a long time. Giving up chocolate has also made me feel healthier. Eventually, when I no longer use it as a crutch and find healthier ways to deal with stress, I’ll slowly integrate it back into my diet. For now, I’m still happy with this choice..

I’ve been perusing the foodie blogosphere recently and am picking up all sorts of ideas for healthy meals and lifestyles– it’s exciting! A couple of things that today’s perusing has brought up for me:

  • People seem really into lara bars and other bars as snacks or parts of meals. I’ve never gotten into the whole bar thing, but I’m thinking that it might be a good snack to try. I’m trying to figure out which to try, and which aren’t *too* expensive.
  • Support really is crucial. The food bloggers have this entire network of people that support them, and given my earlier post today re: friends that aren’t supportive, I’ve realized that I need to do a better job for creating a support network.

Hoping that tomorrow is also a success! Day by day, I think, is the best way to handle all of this.


When I think about my desire to learn to live a healthier lifestyle and what sorts of things make that difficult, my friends come to mind.

Layla and I– in starting this blog– have developed a mutual trust. We, in addition to a couple of my close friends, can be supportive and keep our own emotions and struggles out of the picture when we’re talking about the others’ issues with food and exercise. Other than that, though, my friends are often my worst enemy when it comes to food.

First, there are the friends that don’t take this whole journey seriously. I get up the nerve to tell them that I’m trying to be healthy and that hey, I’d rather not go out to eat every time we hang out and that I’d prefer to use whole wheat pasta when we cook together– and then they pressure me to do otherwise. Why can’t these people be supportive? I definitely respect their choices to eat as they please and to not pay so much attention to health (I think that it’s a shame, but I don’t try and change their minds), so why can’t they respect my goals? I have to take responsibility for my own actions, I know that. Still, it would be so much easier to avoid *food disasters* if my friends were encouraging. I have enough issues with self-control and having friends that essentially want me to lose this battle with myself– well, it sucks.

Then, there are my friends that are also either dieting or trying to be healthier. You would think that we would be a support network for one another, and like I said, with a few close friends, that’s true. Still, I have several friends that just don’t feel like we’re ‘in it together.’ These friends resent it when I’m making healthy choices and they aren’t; this results in them pressuring me to ‘cave in.’ One of the stories that really, really sticks out in my mind is something that happened several months ago. I was completely healthy and ate well all day, and then went out for a night with a few girlfriends. We ended up drinking a lot and I told myself that I would *not* eat a second dinner (pizza, etc.), which is a habit that I picked up back in college when I drank wayyy too much. My friends inevitably ended up at the pizza place and I waited quietly, without ordering. My ‘friend’, also a health conscious person, literally waved her pizza in my face and said ‘you know you want to order some! just do it!’ It was so obvious to me that she just wanted me to join in her indulgence, and to this day, I *still* resent her for being so selfish. It was difficult enough to be pretty tipsy and to make a healthy choice (after having made an unhealthy one), and she didn’t care. She just wanted to ‘go down’ together.

I doubt that I’ll change these people, but I need to learn how to deal with them. Who can I ask for support from, and how? Ugh.