eating out

Today’s Food:

Breakfast (on-the-go):


  • Hot vanilla at Coffee Bean– sugar-free and with skim
  • Croissant 




  • Omelette with 2 egg and matbucha (<— try this!!!)
  • 1 fat free yougurt


Before dinner Drinking:


  • 2.5 glasses of merlot




  • Had dinner reservations with Rachel!
  • 3/4 of a roll (MAN I love bread! ugh!)
  • 1 glass of wine
  • small green salad
  • Chicken breast with mustard sauce!




It was *very* yummy, and it was definitely the healthiest looking option on the menu.



  • Despite our hearty meal, we couldn’t resist– so we shared a creme brulee– very good.  We were at a kosher meat restaurant, which means that the dessert had no dairy products, so I’m not quite sure how they made it.  Anyway, sharing a dessert was a good move, because I’m sure that I would have devoured it on my own..


img_5385^ Creme Brulee that we shared

  1. 2/19 started out as a beautiful day; I’d had a great night the night before — with a certain someone, even if we’re completely dysfunctional and don’t know what we want– and I left his place in the morning, you know, sort of bouncing– totally ready for the day.  I think that it helped me make relatively healthy choices through lunch.  My mood SERIOUSLY affects what I eat.
  2. The croissant wasn’t the healthiest choice, but it wasn’t  too big and it didn’t have anything in it.  Still, just empty carbs and calories and I didn’t feel satisfied after eating it.  I’m going to make more of an effort to pack breakfast when I’m on-the-go.  Still, I need some suggestions for breakfasts on-the-go, because sometimes it’s inevitable… anyone?
  3. Eating out went well, I think.  The only thing that I wish I’d skipped was the 3/4 of a roll.  Very unnecessary, and it was white bread, too.  The problem was that it was out there before the food and I was *so hungry*.  Anyone have an strategies for avoiding before meal bread at restaurants?  I ended up eating the whole main course and not taking any home, but honestly– I wasn’t stuffed. I was full. And satisfied.
  4. Drank 3.5 glasses of wine, which is a lot, but if I only do that when I go to nice restaurants, I’ll allow myself the indulgence.  Same goes for splitting a dessert.

All in all, I feel good about today.  Eating a decadent meal at a restaurant didn’t make me feel guilty, mostly because it’s such an infrequent thing.

I came home to my laptop charger having been fried! I have to replace it, but I don’t know how or when, so bear with me if my posts are less frequent.  Probably not, though– I always find a way.  Anyway, stressed about this.  My computer is my right hand!

I’m thinking about what I need to do about my lactose intolerance.  Stop eating dairy, or lactaid pills.  Leaning towards the lactaid

Cheers to all 🙂


I have dinner reservations with a friend tomorrow night. It’s a treat from her mom for her birthday, and it’s a nice place. It’s mostly a meat restaurant and I’m not too big on meat, and so my options will be limited. I have to confess– even though I’m excited for a really nice night with a good friend, I’m equally stressed about the whole thing.

As I’ve said, creating a new, healthy lifestyle for myself is a day-by-day kind of thing– full of struggles and triumphs. I try to end each day thinking about what I’d like to accomplish the next day, and what I’ve accomplished today. Going out to a restaurant is kind of out of my comfort zone right now: I don’t know what they’re putting into my food, I don’t know if the portion that they give me is a good size, etc. Part of me wants to say ‘Tal, seriously, just eat out once in a while, enjoy, and forget about it.’ The other part of me feels like I’m working too hard to have a meal that has me waking up and feeling like I’m back to my ‘old ways.’

I’m not about to cancel my plans. I just need to find a way to keep these plans, and to leave the restaurant feeling like I’m still on track, like I’ve made a healthy choice.

Howwww? 🙂

Today had its ups and down.  I’m really stressed out and I felt myself battling with food choices all day.  Saying no– which I only accomplished at certain points– was such a headache.  I’ve made it a goal this week to talk to someone about emotional eating; I can’t freak out like this and be unhealthy each time that life gets a little messy.

Today’s Food:


  • Made the mistake of skipping breakfast and just having a decaf coffee, which threw me off for the rest of the day. Note to self:  don’t do that!

10AM fuck-I-didn’t-eat-breakfast-and- I’m-hungry snack:

  • Piece of whole wheat pita with 2 slices of light, cholesterol free cheese
  • fat-free vanilla yogurt


  • Got invited to a Thai restaurant for lunch and opted for the “light pad thai”, which has  a really light sauce.  Still, it was a lot of noodles and I was stuffed rather than full. Couldn’t have been a good idea.


  • Hot Vanilla at Coffee Bean.  Got a small, but I checked their website and it’s still almost 400 calories and *way* too much sugar.


  • Roomie made pasta at 9pm and although I swore that I wasn’t going eat anything else since I’d definitely had my share for the day, I was feeling ‘needy’ and joined her.  It was pasta with tuna, olive oil, and onions.  Not terrible catastrophic, but I didn’t need it.  I had a small portion and she made fun of me for it.  Seriously need a roommate that has the desire to be healthy.


  • I really want to cut down on my sugar intake.  I’ve been largely successful in doing this, but something like a Hot Vanilla in the middle of the day is something that I should simply say no to.   Sugar makes me feel 1) hungry and 2) completely unhealthy.
  • Never skip breakfast!!!!
  • Going out to eat and eating a Roomie Dinner in one day will make me feel gross, for sure.

Exercising has been a struggle for me this week. I went running once, and I spent the rest of the week feeling too tired and sorry for myself to get my ass out there.  I need to correct this next week– I feel completely lazy.

Having friends over for dinner tonight and browsing healthy recipes…

Today’s Eats:


  • Cornflakes and skim milk
  • Decaf coffee (should probably mention that I’m a coffee addict and giving it up. I haven’t had real coffee in 10 days)


  • 220 kcal of dark chocolate (oops. I had intense chocolate cravings and I need to learn to deal with them. I managed not to eat a whole bar….)


  • Whole Wheat crackers with tuna (light mayo) and some nasty light cheese (need to cut down on cheese– can’t resist)

*managed to avoid a snack between lunch and dinner*


  • Rice and vegetables in a light sweet/spicy sauce


  • Split a bottle and a half of wine with one other person. Shit.


* I quit drinking coffee because I have a condition that mimics (but isn’t) a cardiovascular issue. As a result, I am highly sensitive to caffeine and my 4-5 cup -a-day habit made my heart race and gave me headaches. My cravings are still really intense, but I find that drinking decaf has been helping a lot. The withdrawal symptoms are quieting and now I really just crave the taste.

* Alcohol: I used to be a pretty heavy drinker and I’ve really cut down over the past year. I don’t even drink on a weekly basis anymore (excluding my cup of wine with dinner, which happens a couple of times a week– but I’m talking about getting drunk here), but it seems that a bottle of wine has become standard when it comes to hanging out with most of my friends. I’m not sure if I should work this into my schedule and ‘live a little’, or if I should work harder to avoid it. I’m really wary of altering my social life because of food– I feel like it’s setting myself up for failure. Thoughts?

* Cooking really helps. Making a meal, knowing exactly what goes into it, and reaping the culinary benefits is really therapeutic for me. It’s also a fun social activity; lately I’ve been inviting friends over for meals rather than meeting them at cafes and restaurants, so we’ve been able to eat a healthier meal and save money.

Going Out To Eat:

I’m going out to eat with a friend on Thursday night. I’m not sure if I should attempt to be healthy, or if I should just go all out being that I don’t go out to eat very often. I have to do more to define my boundaries before I’m in these situations.