I have dinner reservations with a friend tomorrow night. It’s a treat from her mom for her birthday, and it’s a nice place. It’s mostly a meat restaurant and I’m not too big on meat, and so my options will be limited. I have to confess– even though I’m excited for a really nice night with a good friend, I’m equally stressed about the whole thing.

As I’ve said, creating a new, healthy lifestyle for myself is a day-by-day kind of thing– full of struggles and triumphs. I try to end each day thinking about what I’d like to accomplish the next day, and what I’ve accomplished today. Going out to a restaurant is kind of out of my comfort zone right now: I don’t know what they’re putting into my food, I don’t know if the portion that they give me is a good size, etc. Part of me wants to say ‘Tal, seriously, just eat out once in a while, enjoy, and forget about it.’ The other part of me feels like I’m working too hard to have a meal that has me waking up and feeling like I’m back to my ‘old ways.’

I’m not about to cancel my plans. I just need to find a way to keep these plans, and to leave the restaurant feeling like I’m still on track, like I’ve made a healthy choice.

Howwww? 🙂