2/15 was a strange day in terms of food.  I do weird things when I feel like I’m losing control.


  • 3 cookies and a lemon bar– the baked goods that I brought in for co-workers.


  • Went out to lunch with people from the office and it was a disaster: chicken breast with tomato and olive oil
  • Small green salad with olive oil and pepper

Before dinner snack/meal?:

  • Was really stressed out when I got home and thus, ravenously hungry– 1 small bowl of cereal with skim milk
  • 1/2 whole wheat pita with light strawberry jelly


  • Part 1:  5 heaping spoonfuls of Roomie’s pasta with whoknowswhat in it
  • Part 2: tiny portion of what should have been my entire dinner– rice with olive oil, avocado, cucumber, tomato, and some spices
  1. I’m really proud of the fact that I found the healthiest thing on the menu and was totally fine eating plain chicken breast with tomatoes while everyone else was eating decadent pasta dishes.  Definitely an accomplishment.
  2. My meal/snack before dinner is something that I want to be able to avoid.  I was completely stress eating and even though I didn’t eat anything really unhealthy, it was extra food that my body didn’t really need.  I need to work on this.
  3. I got home and felt stressed/rushed and ate 5 heaping spoonfuls of Roomie’s pasta surprise with every unhealthy thing in the book.  More stress eating, which was extra-unhealthy because it caused me to feel guilty.  The guilt made me skimp on the delicious, healthy dinner that I prepared with a friend.  I had a tiny serving, didn’t feel satisfied.  I need to stop ‘punishing’ myself for mistakes by skimping on healthy food.
  4. This was Day 3 of NO chocolate.  Excellent.
  5. My disgusting ‘breakfast’ was the result of me skipping breakfast at home, AGAIN.

2/16:  A Better Day


  • B-fast burrito with an egg and some rice.  Sounds gross, really good.


  • Big salad with sweet potato and tuna; light vinegarette dressing.  VERY tasty, and not so expensive.
  • 1/2 of a whole wheat roll


  • 1 whole wheat pita with two pieces of light, cholesterol free cheese– a little bit of tomato.
  • 1 light soy chocolate milk (addendum to my chocolate law, see below)
  1. I ate a lot of healthy food today and felt satisfied.  I managed to skip stress eating, even though today was stressful.
  2. light chocolate soy milk…. has no added sugar and contains *fake* chocolate.  I decided to allow myself to have this from time to time since it’s 1) tasty 2) healthy– no added sugar and very low calorie and 3) doesn’t contain real chocolate…


Sorry for the crappy cell photo.  My camera needs to be charged.  Anyway, you get the idea!

Still not getting enough exercise. I *will* run tomorrow!