So after recording my series of minor epiphanies, I had a strange food day. Not bad, strange.

I woke up at around 11 and had to get ready to leave ASAP, so I didn’t have time to make a glorious breakfast as planned. The day went like this:

Breakfast/Lunch (that occurred around 1pm):

  • Small light vanilla ice cream at the bus station
  • Late afternoon decaf coffee

Dinner (Cooked with R):

  • Garlic soup (used this recipe– seriously amazing and not devastating in a caloric way)
  • Rice with broccoli, onion, sprouts, and white rice vinegar
  • Simple salad with lettuce, cucumber, and strawberries. Light vinegarette dressing.


  • Lemon Souffle
  1. I should have made time to make breakfast– then I would have had something healthy to start my day, rather than ice cream.
  2. I completed Day 1 of avoiding chocolate!
  3. Today was an example of a big dinner that I didn’t have to feel guilty about– pretty healthy (though I could have had a bit less rice) and I hadn’t eaten too much before it. It felt good to enjoy a big meal.
  4. Didn’t exercise!