Food Diary

Breakfast – it starts out okay

  • 4 oz Fage Greek yogurt, sweetened with splenda + one crushed-up Nature’s Valley Oats and Honey granola bar

Lunch – and here’s where we go downhill…

  • 1 hamburger with ketchup
  • 1 hot dog with ketchup and mustard
  • 1 heaping serving of french fries
  • 3 pieces of BBQ seitan


  • Half a sleeve of Town House crackers

Good Lord – I really screwed up royally today. It started out well, but then I had a friend over to my company for lunch. Basically, I work in the land of Good and Plenty – where food is EVERYWHERE. So I proceeded to scarf down a hamburger AND a hot dog, fries, and then some seitan. WTF? Basically, I eat like I grew up in a poor third world village and I don’t know where my next meal is coming from. I get so excited over my favorite junky foods that I attack them and eat everything in sight. Did I really need a hamburger and a hot dog? No. Are these things difficult to acquire in the real world? No. Are these items outside of my budget? No. So what the hell is wrong with me? I think I really need to work on remembering that I don’t have to eat everything at once. Food isn’t going anywhere. I can always make my favorite dishes later and don’t need to load up on food just because it’s there.

After that ridiculous food debacle, I was full for the rest of the night and I skipped dinner, instead opting for a half a sleeve of crackers. Classic Layla behavior.

On the bright side, I kept up my ‘no alcohol in the apartment’ ban and I took my meds. I also walked to and from work – so about 4.5 miles. I suppose that makes me feel a little bit better, but not really.